Add Humane Touch to English Teaching through PBL!

Add Humane Touch to English Teaching through PBL!

Local Examples of iEARN projects to support PBL in its effectiveness in EFL teaching inTaiwan

*Doris Tsuey-ling Wu, **Hsiew-yueh Wang,*** Hsing-mai Su,****Melin Wu



The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how project-based learning can be effective for senior high English teaching along with empowerment by ICT (Information Communication Technology).  International and local examples in secondary education are provided for further examination on whether PBL can be put into EFL learning context.  The conclusion shows that both teachers and students can gain incentive by using PBL in English learning, though confined by some objective hindrance from EFL situations such as only short-termed exposure to English-speaking environment or great pressure from heavy school work. More importantly, the relationship between teachers and students are much closer to each other.  Leaning process can be very humane in language learning.   It is hoped that EFL teachers inTaiwancan be encouraged to use PBL in English teaching to empower their students to become better English learners.

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